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Many tradesmen would be unable to work and earn an income without the tools that are vital to the jobs they do. If you have tools that are essential to your work then you should seriously consider having insurance cover in place to protect them. Loss or damage to tools could otherwise have a direct impact on your income even before you have the cost of replacing them.
If you use a van to travel and you carry your tools in this, you may think they are covered under your van insurance, but in most cases they will not be unless you arrange it as an addition to your policy.

What Will The Insurance Cover?

A good policy will cover any loss or damage to power tools and other tools, whether you own them or whether you are using them on a loan or hire arrangement. The cover will extend to your staff as well. Cover can be provided for loss or tools anywhere in transit too, not just at your place of work.

Insurance policies like this do not cover you for a routine tool breakdown or failure, only when it is damaged beyond repair or lost. As with any insurance, you will only be covered if you take reasonable precautions, so you cannot claim if you wander off and leave your tools unattended. Most policies will cover you if the tools are taken from an unattended vehicle or left overnight in a building or storage area, but only if these places are properly locked up and secure.