Plant And Machinery

Many different business types use a wide range of plant and machinery in order to deliver the product or service they provide. There are insurance policies specially aimed at safeguarding you against damage to these vital items of equipment and the losses that this would cause.

You can sometimes choose which plant and machinery you need to be included in the policy and which you can do without. Other policies offer a kind of blanket cover for all plant. These policies will not normally include inspections, which are a separate item that can be added in for machinery with particular risks, such as pressure vessels, boilers, etc.

Areas of work such as construction are obvious examples of industries that rely heavily on plant and machinery. Given the nature of temporary site working in the construction business, there is a high risk of theft and damage to such equipment. With projects on a tight deadline, as all construction project are, you need to be able to replace such items quickly without financial loss. This is exactly what this type of policy is intended to do.