Painters and Decorators

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Almost anyone in business will need a certain amount of insurance to protect their operation. If you employ staff other than direct family you will require employers’ liability insurance as this is mandatory. The law says you have to have a policy in place to safeguard your staff, but other types of insurance are optional.

The other type of insurance most relevant to painters and decorators is public liability cover. The purpose of this is to defend you against any claims for personal injury or property damage by customers or members of the public. When a key part of your job is going into other people’s property to work, this type of liability insurance is very important.

Just imagine if you spilled a tin of paint over their new carpet or sofa. Or a client tripped over some of your equipment and injured themselves. Such claims can lead to legal wrangles that cost a lot to defend and much more in compensation if you lose. Putting public liability insurance in place is just a sensible precaution to give you some defence against this type of damaging claim.

Another option a decorator may wish to consider building into their cover is tools insurance. This will cover you against loss or damage to the equipment and tools that are essential to your job.