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If you are working as a self employed gas fitter you will need a certain amount of insurance to protect yourself and your business against claims. It is not compulsory to have public liability cover in place, but you are required to have an employers liability policy if you employ any staff. Here is a quick overview of the main types of cover that are applicable to gas fitters and engineers.

Public Liability Insurance

This type of cover is intended to safeguard against claims by third parties for damages. By third parties we mean anyone other than you or people you employ. Typical claims could be for damage caused to property while you are working on other people’s premises or injury to people as a direct or indirect result of your work.

Given the nature of your work as a gas fitter, you are working on lots of different premises and dealing with work that is potentially very dangerous if not done correctly. It is an unfortunate fact that people today need very little excuse to make a claim if they think they can get some money. A relatively minor incident can lead to a very significant claim when you consider your legal cost in defending it, as well as the cost of paying compensation and the claimants legal fees if you lose.

A public liability policy will pick up the cost of fighting any claim as well as paying any compensation awarded. For a small business or self employed person, the cost of picking up the cost of a claim from your own pocket can mean the end of your business. While not compulsory, you may well find that some clients will not offer you work unless you can prove that you have such cover in place.

Employers Liability Insurance

This is compulsory for anyone who directly employs other staff, unless they are direct family members. The purpose is to cover you against claims by your staff for injury or damages and to ensure that anyone injured through their work can be properly compensated.

The above are the two main types of insurance that a gas fitter ought to have in place, but there are others that may also be relevant to this type of work. Obvious examples of additional cover would be van insurance or cover for tools.