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Alarm Installers Insurance

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Any business or any person working for themselves needs to have certain insurances in place, and this certainly applies to people who install alarm systems. Whether you are responsible for installing fire alarms or intruder alarm systems, the work you do is important and can have very serious implications for those you are working for.

What Types of Insurance Do I Need?

There are standard commercial insurances that you ought to consider first, such as building and contents cover for any work premises that you have. If you employ staff then hopefully you already have employers’ liability protection in place, as this is a legal requirement. Then as someone who spends time working on other people’s property, it is particularly important to have public liability insurance.

The purpose of this is to safeguard against claims against you for property damage or personal injury. This could be something as simple as property damage caused while undertaking your installation work, or someone on the premises tripping over part of your equipment and injuring themselves.

Liability cover is important for anyone working in the fields of alarm supply, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance. The same applies to installers of security lighting systems, smoke detectors, driveway alarms, etc.

Efficacy And Indemnity Insurance

Companies or contractors working in fire or intruder alarm installation sometimes have to prove they have efficacy cover in place before they will be considered for certain projects. This is often sold as an add-on to product liability insurance, as most standard PL policies will not include this. This cover is considered necessary for anyone working with products where the proper performance of the product is extremely important. The point being that if the product you provide does not work as it is intended, the consequences can be serious.

If you provide professional advice in any form, such as acting as a consultant or advisor, then professional indemnity cover is also highly recommended. If a client acts on your advice and suffers a loss or injury they may have a claim against you.