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All businesses require some form of insurance to protect against various risks and this is certainly true in the case of supermarkets and other shops. This website allows you to compare specialist shop insurance policies rapidly online. We also try to provide useful information for people who run shops and other businesses to help them make informed decisions about what types of insurance they need.

Public Liability Protection

For some business people they may be uncertain about whether public liability insurance is really necessary, particularly if they do not have a lot of contact with customers or the general public. For a supermarket, however, the fact that you have large numbers of people on your premises every day makes it an absolute necessity to have some protection in place in case of claims against you by third parties.

One of the commonest forms of accidents are slips and trips in supermarkets and other shops. If someone falls and injures themselves while on your premises there is a very good chance that they are going to make a claim for damages. In the litigious society in which we now live, with people being actively encouraged by no win no fee solicitors, people do not accept that there is not someone else to blame when they have a mishap.

Such claims can be protracted and costly to defend and even more costly if damages are awarded against you. By the time you have paid your own legal costs, those of the claimant and any compensation due, it can really eat into your profit margin. This is where a public liability insurance plan can offer some peace of mind and protection for your business.

Other Insurances

Any shop that carries a lot of stock should consider whether to include stock cover in their insurance plan. Standard protection for buildings or contents will not cover your stock as well and, as this can have a very substantial value, it is worth protecting against the unexpected. A flood or fire could lay waste to thousands of pounds worth of goods.

Hopefully you are already aware of employers liability cover, which you need to have in place by law (unless your only staff are direct family). Building insurance is normally covered by your landlord if your premises are leased, but you will certainly need contents cover, and should consider fixtures and fittings protection too. Another optional extra that some business owners find useful is business interruption insurance, so that your income is replaced if your trade is interrupted by some disaster.