Employee Theft

In addition to the other types of business insurance that your will require, you may wish to consider employee theft cover. This is usually able to be added on as an optional extra to other business policies. Depending on the nature of your business, you may wish to take precautions against the theft of money, securities or other property by one of your staff. If the potential for substantial loss is there then this may well be a worthwhile precaution.

Ultimately all insurances are about taking precautions to protect your income and prevent unnecessary expenditure or losses. No business owner wants to spend any money without good cause so you need to weigh up the likelihood of employee theft, and the potential losses that it could lead to, against the cost of insurance.

If the nature of your business is that you consider the opportunities very limited, you may wish to leave this option off your insurances. But if you have staff who have to handle a lot of cash or who are in positions of trust with regard to finances and resources, it may well be a worthwhile investment.