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shop assistantAnyone who runs a shop will need to consider various types of insurance to protect their business. Insurance should be seen as a sensible business precaution rather than an unnecessary expense. Clearly there is no point spending money on insurance you do not need, but it is vital that you understand what you do need to safeguard your business.

So let us first look at the different types of insurance that a shop may require, so that you can decide which are relevant to you.

Building, Contents and Stock

The most basic cover that anyone should have is to protect your premises, equipment and stock in the event of a fire, flood or other unexpected disaster. You will need to understand what level of cover you require in order to replace everything that could be lost or damaged. This insurance should also cover you for burglaries and malicious damage. Depending on the nature of your business, you may require specialist cover such as for frozen food.

Liability Insurances

Every business owner needs to understand the differences between types of liability policy. Anyone who employs staff has to be employee liability insurance. If you only staff are direct family you may be excluded from this requirement. The other type is public liability insurance, which is to cover you against any claims from third parties. By third parties we mean anyone who is not employed by you, so this will be mainly customers and members of the public.

Examples of when you need public liability cover would be if you had a large sign outside your shop and it blew over and fell on a child, or if a customer tripped over box of stock inside your shop. People need little encouragement to make claims and the costs of meeting the legal fees and compensation from personal injury claims can quickly mount up.

Business Interruption

Another option you may wish to consider is business interruption insurance. By taking out building and contents insurance you will be covered for replacing your premises and stock, but this will not include the loss of income that you suffer between the disaster happening and being fully up and running again. Business interruption cover is to replace the income you would lose if this happened. It can cover direct costs and replace lost profit.

Shop Front Insurance

Some landlords will insist that you take out a policy to cover your shop front as a condition of the lease when you rent premises. If you have an expensive glass frontage or shutter system this can be very costly to replace if damaged.