Third Party Insurance

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What Is Third Party Insurance?

Third party insurance is another name for public liability insurance. It is a form of protection for business owners against claims from any third party, in other words claims from any person not employed by the company.

Third party claims normally arise from injury to customers or members of the public or damage to their property. Typical examples are a visitor tripping and falling while on your property or one of your employees causing damage to someone else’s property while out on a job.

It is not mandatory for UK businesses to have this liability cover in place, but it makes very good sense for any organisation that routinely has visitors on its premises or has employees working on other people’s premises or in public areas.

Why Do I Need Third Party Cover?

The question to ask yourself is how well would your business cope with a significant claim for damages. People need very little encouragement to make claims these days and the costs involved in defending such claims can be significant. If you add in the potential costs in legal fees and compensation if the claimant is successful, then you are talking about sums that could spell the end for some small businesses.

For a fairly modest sum you can have a policy in place that will cover you for costs up to £5million. Most businesses consider this to be money well spent in protecting their organisation.