Self Employed Liability Insurance

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Self employed people need to keep a careful eye on their outgoings, so it is important to understand what insurances are really necessary and to get the best prices for the ones that you really do need.

The only compulsory form of liability insurance is employee liability, but if you are a sole trader and do not employ staff you will not require this. The other form of protection is public liability cover, which is to protect you against claims from an third party, such as customers or members of the public.

Self employed people who have people visiting them on their own premises should consider this type of cover. So should anyone whose work involves going onto other people’s property to carry out their business, or who undertake work in areas where members of the public can go. In any of these scenarios there is scope for someone to either injure themselves or have damage caused to their property. This is the sort of thing that will lead to a claim against your business for damages.

A standard public liability policy will protect you against any such claims, covering the cost of defending your business and paying for any compensation awarded if the claim is successful.