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Pub And Restaurant Insurance

Anyone who owns a pub or restaurant will understand how vital it is to protect the business you have worked so hard to create. Sometimes the range of insurances available to businesses can be prohibitive, so it is important to have a clear understanding of what sort of cover a pub or restaurant business really needs.

The following is an outline of the main types of insurance that are used in the licensing and catering trades:

Employers Liability
This is the only insurance that you have to put in place by law. If you have staff working for you they and you must be protected against personal injury claims by an employee liability policy. This can often be wrapped up with other types of insurance.

Public Liability
Unlike employer liability, this is not compulsory, but it makes a lot of sense to have a good policy in place. The purpose of this is to protect you against claims by customers or members of the public for person injury or property damage. If someone had an accident or was involved in a fight on your premises you could find a claim made against you. Legal fees to defend yourself against such claims can mount up, even if they are not successful. If someone does make a successful claim against you the total cost in their legal fees, yours and the compensation you have to pay could spell the end for your business.

Building Contents and Stock
These are obvious areas of insurance where you need to prepare in case of fire, flood or other serious disaster. The cost of all your stock and making good or replacing your premises is likely to be very substantial.

Business Interruption
Even if you have building and contents insurance, this will not cover you for the loss of income that you suffer while you are unable to trade. Including business Interruption in your policy will ensure that if the worst happens, the income you lose while your business is out of action will be made up until you can open again.

Loss Of Licence
If you run a pub and the courts revoke your liquor licence you are in serious trouble. Insuring against this can help you get through the period until you can regain your licence or find another income source.

Other insurances you may wish to feature in your plan include theft of cash, malicious damage, glass and sign cover and frozen food insurance.