Terrorism Insurance

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Most standard UK most property related insurance policies do not include cover for acts of terrorism. It is therefore an option that landlords can choose to include as an optional extra on their policy. The cost of premiums will largely depend on where the property to be insured is located. Areas seen as more likely targets for terrorism will naturally cost more, so city centre locations are usually more expensive.

What Is Covered Under Terrorism Insurance?

Terrorism is a violent act that is committed with the intention of influencing the government. By definition such acts can frequently involve serious damage to private property, including residential and commercial premises. In the event of war, such acts would not be covered if associated with the war.

A policy to cover acts of terrorism will normally include making good any damage caused by the act, and often replacement of the lost rental income too. Modern policies should cover all kinds of terrorist activities that result in physical damage, but not cyber-terrorism.