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Is Employers’ Liability Insurance Compulsory?

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The Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 makes it a requirement that anyone who employs staff must take out an employee liability insurance policy. This is to protect all workers in the event of claims for accident, injury or sickness. The only exceptions for having a policy in place are if you have no employees or if you are a family business and directly related to all your staff. There are also exceptions for public bodies such as government departments.

Under the law you must have cover for at least £5m, but you will find that most policies will be for at least £10million.

What Is Employers’ Liability Insurance For?

This compulsory insurance covers you against claims by an employee for injury or accidents at work or as a result of their work. The current popularity of no win no fee claims means that not only is it very easy for people to make a claim, but they are positively encouraged to do so. The costs of defending your business against such claims can quickly mount up and if the claim is successful you will have to pay the claimant’s legal costs as well as any compensation due.

As well as employees, claims may come from any contact workers under your direction or any unpaid volunteers.

The main purpose of an insurance policy is to ensure that all employees have some sort of cover in place if they suffer an injury or work related illness. As well as protecting your staff, the policy is providing you with protection against claims which in some cases could threaten the future of your business.

You have a responsibility under the law to ensure the health and safety of anyone working for you. This means that any failure on the part of you or your business that leads to an injury or illness could result in a claim against you. By covering you for the legal costs of defending a claim and for the payment of any compensation awarded, these policies ensure that you are in a position to deal with any claim that arises.